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    Обзор лазерного гравера с алиэкспресса (65х50)

    Заказал лазерный гравер для прикладных работ по дереву и печатным платам. Придет – опишу.

    Laser Axe is the 1st really affordable, Cheap, laser cutter suite — fast laser head changing and adjustable focus design. Open source DIY laser cutter and engraver kit for paper, wood, plastic and other materials. It’s fun and easy to use.



    Features of laseraxe-Full assembled kit

    · Only 2 motors lighter and accuracy

    · Aluminum and Acrylic frame tough and stable

    · Fast laser head changing design

    · Adjustable focus design for thicker material

    · Big working area

    · No limitation of engraving height

    · Easy cool down laser head

    · Lighter and easy to be carried



    Technical Specifications


    · Laser Axe supports different kinds of laser diodes

    · Working area: 650 x 500 mm (25.6 x 19.7in).

    · Dimensions: 770 x 590 x 205 mm(30.3 x 23.2 x 8in).

    · Weight: ~6.5 kg (~14.3 lbs).

    · USB port (Arduino)

    · Working Voltage: 12V

    · Open source software & hardware

    · Laser Diode: fast changing and adjustable focus design.

    · Easy G-code Software


    Note: Please wear laser goggles when you using it. This kit will deliver in unassembled as it’s too big to shipping, you will need to assemble it yourself under our video instruction.

    2500mW DIY Mini Laser Engraving Machine, 65*50cm Engraving Area ,Mini Marking Machine, Advanced Toys , Best Gift

    Заказать лазерный гравер с рабочей площадью 65х50 см из Китая.

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